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We support independent optometrist practices and independent optical laboratories to provide the best possible vision solutions in the pursuit of helping people see better.

Our suite of unique products satisfy glasses wearers; even those with the most challenging prescriptions and needs.

From world leading NuPolar polarized lenses, to photochromic polarized lenses, and an array of innovative specialty lenses to meet uncommon or challenging needs, Younger Optics remains an independent innovative force within the optical world.

Always independent. Devoted to helping people see better.

Like the chameleon, NuPolar® Infinite™ is the master of adaptability, naturally responding to changes in light conditions. Combining photochromic and polarization technology, NuPolar Infinite is a grey variable tint polarized sun lens that automatically reacts to changing light conditions allowing it to be either the lightest or darkest polarized lens depending on current light conditions.

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Like the dragonfly, NuPolar® is the true ruler of its domain. As the market leader in prescription polarized lenses, it consistently outperforms other polarized prescription lenses for the ultimate visual experience. NuPolar sets a benchmark for stringent performance characteristics of optics, polarized film technology, colour consistency, material sciences and more.

Garage to global leader: A tradition of innovation

It all began more than 60 years ago with one man's vision to create an invisible line bifocal that wouldn't give away the wearer's age with its tell-tale lines. This desire led Irving Rips to develop the world's first 'seamless bifocal' from his home garage in Los Angeles which was launched in 1955. Younger Optics – so named because the new lenses would make their wearer look younger – was born.

With the company conceived out of innovation, innovation remained the focus as Younger Optics continued to grow in the US market. In 1996 Younger was awarded world’s best optical magnifier, the following year it began manufacturing CR39 plastics lenses, while in 1968 it released a NASA anti-fog lens cleaner. The 1970s saw the release of aspheric lenses and progressive lenses, shortly followed by the slab off bifocal in 1982. The company now boasts one of the world’s largest bifocal and trifocal ranges in a multitude of styles: whether that is polarized, photochromic or clear.

Today Younger Optics has become one of the largest privately-held ophthalmic lens manufacturers in the world. It is the global leader in Rx polarized sunwear with NuPolar brand lenses, and a leader in speciality lenses with a slew of lens solutions to meet both common and uncommon patient needs alike.

Irving Rips, 1943

Irving Rips, 1943