High Fashion Gradient Tints

Gradient lenses are highly desired by more style-conscious patients. Previously gradient tints were not available in high efficiency polarized lenses. But with NuPolar Gradient, fashion seeking wearers can now get the look they want while providing the polarization they need.

NuPolar Gradient Colours

NuPolar Graident is available in single vision and is suitable for freeform digital progressive processing.

Grey / GreyGrey / Grey Brown / GreyBrown / Grey Brown / BrownBrown / Brown





Only the Best Polarized Gradient Lenses

Blocks blinding glare
NuPolar Gradient lenses block the vision-restricting glare that reflects from horizontal surfaces such as car bonnets, wet surfaces, car dashboard, water and snow.

No tinting required
NuPolar Gradient lenses have the gradient built in to the encapsulated polarizing filter. No tinting is required at the lab.

Consistent matching
NuPolar Gradient lenses are polarized, not tinted, so the right and left lenses will always match perfectly.

Faster turn-around
Because the lab does not have to gradient-tint the lenses, NuPolar Gradient sunwear can be completed and shipped more quickly.

No fading over time
The gradient in NuPolar Gradient lenses is encapsulated within the lens, not merely on the surface. This prevents the gradient from fading over time due to exposure.

Looks fabulous
Fashion-conscious wearers love the look of a gradient lens. Now they can sport the style they want while enjoying the glare-blocking benefits of polarization!

The Leading Light in Polarization